UEMIS BANKRUPTCY UPDATE: Asset List Available–10 days to respond.

The company handling the UEMIS AG Bankruptcy (more at http://www.scubagadget.com/?p=1532), Speich Liquidations AG, has sent us the list of the assets available for sale. The list (in German), which does not seem to include any intellectual property, covers everything from full SDAs (UEMIS Dive computers) and OxySpys, to parts and on down to screws, shelves and coffee makers. There is even a Tusa IQ-800 dive computer on the list. The cover letter indicates that they would like to sell all as one total package, but leaves the door open for to offers on individual pieces if no one buys the lot. They are giving 10 days time to receive the bids. The contact email to get the assets summary package is anita.greminger@notariate.zh.ch. I am happy to forward it to anyone who emails me at john@jmckenzie.com.

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