WAIT, Don’t Buy a New Dive Computer – The Next Great Thing in SCUBA is Coming

If the evolution of desktop computers were as slow as dive computers you would be reading this on a DOS computer and seeing nothing more than green type on the screen. Almost all dive computers displays today are ancient technology; monochrome LCD screens with a contrast ratio so low that it is not worth mentioning. On a bad viz day you need to use a flash light to read the screen. And all the while you can get cheap MP3 players and phones with extreme definition and color.

That is about to change. Two companies (Uemis and Liquivision) are selling dive computers with OLED ultra-bright displays with giant fonts that are easily readable in complete darkness.

OLEDs, an acronym for organic light emitting diodes do not require. a backlight to function. They draw far less power and thus can operate longer on the same charge. The displays can be sharper and brighter than your HD television and can be seen from any angle

The current offerings OLED dive computers are expensive and are sold as tech computers (in the $1700 range). But there are plenty of current LCD dive computers that are over $1000, even some recreational dive computers. The claim is that OLED computers cost too much to come into the range of current dive computers. However, there are MP3 players and other gadgets that have OLED displays that are under $200. Some OLED displays themselves can be purchased by manufacturers in quantity for under $100.

It may be only a matter diver ignorance that has allowed manufacturers to continue to make and sell dive computers with such ancient technology. That mindset changes when anyone sees an OLED dive computer for the first time. Their mind is instantly filled with the phrase, “I WANT ONE” repeating over and over. Unless my current computer breaks I am not springing for another until we get affordable OLED displays. Start a movement, send a link to this article to any company that currently makes dive computers.

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