Waterproof G1 7mm 3 Finger Semi-dry mitt

The Waterproof G1 7mm 3 Finger Semi-dry mitt is a remarkable exception to one of the most persistent myths in scuba. That would be the old myth that a wetsuit keeps you warm by allowing in water that is then heated by your body. In most other cases water in your suit or gloves means you’re a getting cold. But during testing in 46 deg F (7.7C) water we purposefully allowed water into these mitts. The G1 insulation is so good that the water in the glove immediately warmed and stayed warm. It reminded us of another experience that some divers have with their wetsuit…I think you know what I’m referring to… but never with gloves (enough said).

Waterproof (distributed by TUSA in the US) is an amazing innovator in creating exposure protection that is both very warm and luxuriously comfortable. We cannot think of Waterproof without having a warm feeling for our beloved Waterproof H-1 5/10 hood. The G1 gloves will lengthen our favorite saying we have about H-1 hood. After a dive in really cold water, we may say, “I was a little chilly but man was my head (and now hands) warm.”

Waterproof often uses multiple panels and new materials and technical features to set it apart from the competition. This gives them the ability to build in the warmth without sacrificing comfort. The Waterproof team pushes themselves to deliver the highest quality by including the following statement on the box, “We would compare our glove to it’s (SIC) competition – if it had any. Try this glove and then buy our competitors, go ahead – we dare you.”

I was prompted to try test these gloves because I am one of the biggest cold wimps in diving. Before this test, I have never found a wet glove that could keep my hands warm will diving in the Pacific Northwest. Because of my experience with the H-1 hood, I reckoned that if anyone could make a glove to keep me warm, Waterproof could. We found many divers reporting warm hands when using the G1s for ice diving. The dexterity is as good as it can be with a 7mm mitt. For those that want more dexterity or dive in warmer waters the G1 gloves are also available in 5mm model.

Many of those interviewed recommended that you look at a size larger than you would expect as they seem to run small. This would be another good reason to buy then at you local dive shop and not online.

Here are few more features we like about these gloves:

  • they stay very dry
  • the 3D shape and pre-bent fingers for a relaxing feel
  • the 3mm glide skin inner lining that we hear can be used under a drysuit seal
  • the sturdy and extra long zipper for easy donning
  • as with all Waterproof products, they also look cool
  • reflective Waterproof logo
  • anti slip grip on the palms

The msrp is $80 but the warmth is priceless.

We are grateful to Waterproof/Tusa rep RoddyWinton for his help with this article.