Waterproof H-1 5/10 Hood – Pure Comfort, Fit and Warmth — EDITOR’S CHOICE

The copy on the back of the box containing the Waterproof H-1 5/10mm hood boldly states: “We would compare our hood to it’s competition – if it hand any. Try this hood and then buy our competitors, go ahead – We dare you.” After testing this hood, we understand that this is a statement of well deserved pride in and not a bit of hubris.

Looking at the “hood farm” growing in our equipment room reminds me that we have already tried most of the rest and can save you the time and money. There is no need to experiment. If you want to keep your head warm, just get this hood and prepare to be amazed.

editorschoiceNow before you try this hood, you may hesitate and think that comfort is not a word most divers would associate with the phrase “10 mil.” When I first heard about it, I immediately recalled the claustrophobic constriction of wrapping my body in layers of neoprene to survive my pre-drysuit dives. Expect to be surprised! The H-1 5/10 hood is the most comfortable hood we have every worn at any thickness. This comfort is in great measure due to its unique multi-section, 3-D shaped, anatomic design; which is a hallmark of many Waterproof products. Before we showed this hood to diving pioneer and elder at Ron Ault of Hood Sport n Dive, he just chuckled, “yea 10 mill.” But his jaw dropped when he saw the product.

We found this hood to be more comfortable than a 5 mill hood from other manufacturers. We have tried plenty of 3/5 mill hoods that are annoying. Some ride up on your chin, others confine your jaw movement. But H-1 5/10 just seems to fit well and feel good; as claimed by everyone we found who has tried it on or tested it on a dive. We tested the hood in water temperatures down to 46 f (7.7c).


Most hoods have small holes in the top which allow trapped air bubbles to be vented before

they can create a buoyancy emergency. But a hole in the head can just as easily let in water. Waterproof hoods uses an exclusive “Hood Air Venting System (HAVS)” which incorporates a one way valve to eliminate the influx of water. It works so well that I noticed a dry spot inside top of my hood after all of the test dives.

Feature List (for all H-1 Hoods)

  • 3-D shaped
  • Glideskin seal
  • HexTex Inner lining
  • HAVS system
  • Cute reflective walrus logo
  • I-Span superstretch nylon
  • Bonded Hi-Quality Nylon thread

Don’t be confused because at the time of this writing the H-1 5/10 hood isn’t shown on either the US or Swedish Waterproof websites. The sites only show the 3/5 and 5/7 hoods. The 5/10 is available from WaterProof dealers and distributors. Check with your local dive shop.

WaterProof: The Company

Although only recently starting to become known in the US, Sweden based Waterproof has over 25 years experience as a developer of high-end Diving Suits. While so many dive equipment manufacturers just modify status quo designs, Waterproof is among an elite few of vendors that have embraced innovation as a way of life. Beyond having the best hood by far, we consider them to be in the top three manufacturers of the market overall. Waterproof is distributed in the U.S.A. by TUSA.

Editor’s Choice – What does it mean

Unlike in other journals, our editor’s choice award is not just a default pick for best among a few tested. For us, “editor’s choice” awards are only given to products which raise the bar and set a high standard for quality and innovation. These are products that given all available options we personally would and often have purchased and use on our own dives. We rate them as these products as the best choice in there category at any price.

We thank the amazing videographer and underwater explorer Laura James for introducing us to this product.

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