Wetsox Do One Thing Very, Very Well.

Wetsox make it easy to get into and out of your suit.

We love simple. Wetsox are a simple and effective solution to a longstanding problem: getting your legs and feet into and out of your wetsuit and your boots. Everyone who has ever put on a wetsuit will “get” this instantly. We all hate the wetsuit struggle. And to make matters worse all that stretching and pulling while you try to wriggle into the suit can cause damage and shorten the life of your investment. There are hundreds of articles with tips on how to painlessly don your wetsuit. Many suggest slippery concoctions and others call for plastic baggies that may end up in the marine environment. Some wetsuit manufactures install zippers to make it easier. But it seems the better your suit fits the harder it is to enter. Until now.

Wetsox are advertised to “…help you get in and out of your wetsuit + boots easily.” We were skeptical both before and after the Wetsox arrived. It just a sock. How could it work?

Not only did it work, it worked extremely well. My feet even slide effortlessly through the legs and into my sticky “skin-in” wetsuit booties. And doffing was equally easy.

The Wetsox work well for more than just wetsuits and boots: We dive neoprene drysuits with tight legs and small, attached neoprene drysocks. With Wetsox, donning our drysuits is now a breeze. For the drysuit we use the “Therms” version which help keep our feet a bit warmer.

The manufacture contact told us “many stores are using Wetsox for customers trying on suits to help protect their inventory from undue pre-sales wear and tear.

Beyond function, we were also surprised that the Wetsox were comfortable to wear and stay in place, without sagging, even when pulling off your suit.

Wetsox come in a both a .5mm thin version and thicker 1.0mm “Therms” version for a bit of heat-loss prevention. They also come in either a splt toe and standard round-toe version. We tested the round-toe version and were impressed that they have a wide and roomy toe area which prevents binding.

The socks come in a dark blue or camo color. The camo socks seem like an odd choice because you can’t see the socks under your wetsuit. Maybe some people just feel stronger with camo underwear.

One Glitch

We had one glitch with our testing pair. The seams started to unravel. Our contact said they had a bad batch and are replacing all of these pairs without question. If you purchased a pair with the neon-green seams you can call them and get a replacement pair.

Marketing Overkill

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)! Our title says all you need to know; Wetsox do one thing very, very well. They make it easy for you to slide into and out of your suit. But I suppose someone had to hire the marketers to compliment their well designed product and packaging. The marketers, who obviously don’t understand how a wetsuit works, got a bit carried away. They included some mumbo-jumbo on the box about the socks special “passthough” technology allowing “your foot to continue heating your boot.” This claim was altered slightly on the company website after we questioned it. They went on to hype the health benefits associated with a support-hose style sock and tout how the split-toe version will provide you extra control. Maybe if you’re trying to use a fork at dinner with your feet.

All joking aside, Wetsox fix a real problem that exists and make your diving life easier. That’s all folks.


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