Whites Fusion keeps evolving

FusionGraphicsWhites has just announced two new variations in the evolution of their super flexible Fusion drysuits (see our previous fusion articles (1)(2)). One is for style and one is for function. 

Four new colors graphics choices

For style they are now offering  four new tech skin colors in addition to their gray northwest native style graphics. Customers can now order tech skins with yellow, red, pink or midnight blue graphics. For free, too! The colors come as a gift for Fusion customers, there is no extra charge for your color choice.

FusionBootYou can have your attached boots and your rock boots, too.

Piling innovation on innovation, Whites has added a new option sure to entice more divers to join the Whites Team. The new feature brings unity to two disparate camps of drysuit divers; the rock boot lovers and the attached boots fans. We have heard so many rants and raves from both sides. “Rock boots are safer because they are more secure.” – “Attached boots are more convenient and better because you feet stay warmer” …and on and on.

Unlike other manufacturers options, this not just a choice of either/or when you order the suit. You get both options.Fusions ordered with new “Patented Fusion Boots” come with an attached, but also removable, light weight and travel friendly boot. Want to dive a rock boot today? Peel off the Velcro boot on the spot and don the rock boots. With other suits, if you have a leak in your attached boots you are going to get wet. Not with the fusion boots. The dry sock is still protecting you.

We (Chaela and John) have the Fusion Boots option on our Fusion Tech suits and like the suits both with the attached boot and with the rock boots. With the attached boot, it feels just like any other attached boot. With the rock boot, the slick Fusion Core layer makes if very easy to slip into the rock boots.

Fusion Specialty Launched
The biggest hurdle that Whites has to overcome in marketing the Fusion is as pervasive in the SCUBA biz as it was for Tevye’s small Russian town – “TRADITION.”  The Fusion is a completely new type of suit and there are many divers who buy what they are used to, or what their  instructor used.

Whites is changing their company culture and introducing new ways to offer divers a chance to try a Fusion without any risk. Besides encouraging dealers to allow divers free demo dives, they have copied the DUI model of traveling the country with a trailer load of suits for scheduled Fusion Demo Days.

They are also working with various training agencies to have a Fusion drysuit specialty outline. The outline gives instructors the opportunity to teach the Fusion specialty on its own or in conjunction with open water courses…not that a current drysuit diver needs any different instruction to dive the Fusion.

I am a proponent of incorporating drysuit training into open water courses and I can see that the specialty could encourage broader adoption of this practice.  I am, however, confused about any greater need for a Fusion dry suit specialty separate from other drysuits. From our experience with the Fusion, both Chaela and I firmly believe that the Fusion is the easiest drysuit to dive. Thus, it is a great suit for training. There are at least two reasons for this. The skin creates a very even air envelope around your body, with no bubbles to manage, buoyancy is easy and less weight is required. We also both dropped the use of ankle weights when we got our Fusions. Additionally, the extra flexibility reduces a students’ stress from feeling confined in a more restrictive suit.

We are watching with interest to see how Whites tackles the challenges of marketing the Fusion and opening divers minds to diving a unique class of drysuit.