Whites Fusion Lives Up to its Claim of one suit from TROPICAL TO POLAR

NOTE: This is a companion our article, A least Six Good Reasons To Dive Dry in Tropical Waters)

image When we tested and reported on the Whites Fusion Dry suit (articles http://blog.wetcatscuba.com/?p=399 and http://blog.wetcatscuba.com/?p=373) we discussed Whites’ claim that you could dive this suit from tropical to polar waters. But we had no real proof at the time. We can now have the personal experience verify that claim is true. While we have not dove under the ice in our Fusions, we have enjoyed some of the best diving in the world at Browning Pass (BC, Canada) in waters around 40 deg F and blinding snow. But any drysuit should be able to that. Then we headed to the Caribbean and to the other end of the temperature spectrum with our Fusions. As we spell out in article (http://www.scubagadget.com/?p=774), we experienced a dive vacation of luxurious comfort in the 79 deg F waters of Grand Caymen, while many of the wetsuit divers shivered.

We can now heartily endorse the Fusion for tropical diving. Its thin shell is compressed against your body by an outer lycra and/or superstretch neoprene layer. If you own the “bullet” or “tech” skin model, you can even swap out the Velcro attached compression outer layer with the thinner “sport” layer. The ease of use and complete flexibility you get diving the Whites’ Fusion, make it the perfect dry suit for any assortment of dive locales. And because it is at home in any temperature waters, you can save a load of money by skipping the purchase of a tropical wetsuit.

Coincidentally, the day we visited one of the local Cayman dives shop, we heard the Cayman police department had just contacted them wanting to purchase Fusions for their dive team.