Whites offers $150 savings on new Replaceable Seal System (SLT)

Whites has added another convenient Whites Drysuits New Silicone Replaceable Sealsfeature to their innovative Fusion drysuit. The new Seal-Lock Technology (SLT), is a modular seal replacement system that incorporates a neck ring retainer and compression fit wrist seals.

The SLT system provides users with two more levels of comfort for diving. First, you never has to worry about missing a dive due to a torn seal, as SLT seals can be changed in the field in a just a few minutes without using messy adhesives.  The second level of comfort comes from the new silicone seals which can be used with the SLT. While the system works fine with latex seals, the silicon seals turn tight into cozy. We have been diving silicon wrist seals for over a year, and you have to feel them to believe how comfortable they are. We have also done test dives with the silicon neck seals and the SLT neck wring. This new version of the SLT ring is much more flexible and nearly unnoticeable in the suit.

One of the best things about the silicon seals is that we have found no need to trim them. I found that I could easily wear brand a new un-trimmed silicon seal, right out of the box, with none of that uncomfortable feeling of tightness or blood constriction. Yet with the same size un-trimmed latex seal would turn my face beet red within minutes. Silicon seals go beyond comfort, and I also believe they are also a safer option as there are well documented cases of divers passing out underwater and even dying due to tight neck seals.

Whites is offering an upgrade to the SLT for only $99 ($250 regular retail) when you purchase it with a new Fusion drysuit.

The integrated silicon seal systems were designed by teams from Si Tech and WaterProof. For more information visit http://www.scubagadget.com/?p=638.

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