Whites Thermal Fusion Undergarment: Genius Innovation Combines Warmth with Flexibility

It is not just hype! When we saw the teaser for a “game changer” new product coming November 1st from Whites Drysuit company, we were skeptical. What could they do that would warrant that oft used tagline? In fact, since our first dive in a Whites Fusion Drysuit, we wondered how they could design an undergarment to handle the extremes of cold water diving, but not inhibit the Fusion drysuits’ amazing flexibility. We have tried many combinations of undergarments from other manufactures.  But, up until now, as you reached the warmth needed for the sub 50F (10C) degree dives you always had to give up some of the suits extreme flexibility.

My first thought when seeing the new Thermal Fusion Undergarment was, “why did I doubt the geniuses on the Whites team?” The solution is simply elegant…it is natural evolution of the undergarment built from the same DNA as the Fusion drysuit. In fact, if you glance at picture of the Thermal Fusion it is easy to mistake it for the drysuit. My second thought, “this looks soft, cozy and very stretchy.”

fusionthermalThe Thermal Fusion undergarment uses the same principle of dual layer design as the drysuit. While the drysuit is a loose fit “Dry Core” with an out compression layer, the undergarment has a loose fit “Thermal Core”  with a separate compression layer. You now can have it all: unlimited range of motion, with a streamlined fit. One test diver reported, that “it feels like you are wearing a running suit as an undergarment.”

The inner thermal core layer is constructed of Polartec 200 fleece and the outer layer is a Polartec Power Stretch Pro compression skin which streamlines the inner core to the divers body. Just like we found with Fusion dry suit, this unique undergarment provides a better-than-custom fit with a full range of motion.


Also, just as with the Fusion drysuit, the flexible fit of Thermal Fusion undergarment makes it an easy choice for dive shops to carry both for sale and for use with training and rentals. Essentially you can fit nearly every diver that walks into your store in one of three sizes (there are 5 sizes available). This means that you can give your customers immediate gratification with much less stock on hand.  Additionally, this versatile undergarment would be a perfect pairing for most any brand of drysuit.


  • Strategically placed 3D Hi-Flo Mesh Panels located at the inflate and exhaust valve locations increases airflow, padding and insulation.
  • Easy access comfort zip with P-Valve compatibility.
  • Integrated pockets
  • Whites ATS (Air Transfer System) facilitates the effective transport of air throughout the Thermal Fusion allowing effortless Dry Suit venting.

This undergarment is certainly a candidate for an Editors Choice award. We will let you know after we have had chance to dive it. If you are on your way to the DEMA show 2011 you will have a chance to try one at booth #2031.

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