XS Scuba’s new mini multi-tool will give you the Tim the Tool Man grunt of joy (DEMA 2009 great new products)

imageXS Scuba’s cool new and tiny multi-tool has some hard to find and frequently needed tools for tank valves, hoses and regulators. Joshua Hill of Tacoma Scuba says he loves this tool because it is the first multi tool available with an inflator (schrader) valve tool and a valve nut slotted screwdriver. It is common on boat dives that someone will need a BCD hose adjustment to save their dive and no one ever seems to have one. Other dive shop owners and dive masters to whom we showed the tool were equally excited. We heard a few Tim the Tool Man Taylor style grunts of joy when divers saw this tool. All agree that it is a must have for any save a dive kit. At a retail of less than $30 it is also an easy choice. Two cautions: The O-Ring pick will quickly get you bleeding until you learn to open it up with caution. Dive pros selling the tool should always advise their customers on the recommended uses for some the specialized tips to help divers avoid bigger problems by over-tightening.

The only downside and as has been an ongoing issue with XS Scuba, you cannot find info about the tool on there website. We know dealers have the tool, but it is hard to find any more info on the web yet. We will just keep whining about this (on our readers behalf) until they listen. They make great products, but divers can’t buy them if they can’t find them.

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Full Disclosure Statement: XS Scuba provided this product to Scuba Gadget for the purposes of review and testing for this article to Scuba Gadget without charge.